Gardenias are my FAVORITE August blooms.  The unforgettable scent, the delicate petals, the lush greenery and did I mention the beautifully perfumed scent??

Gardenias are great for corsages and to float in a vessel of water. With just some florists tape and a pin, it is a ready to go corsage! They are available in antique white only and do not have a long stem, the short stem is only a few inches long, so if you plan to use them in arrangements, you will need to use florist wire as an artificial stem. You simply insert the wire through the middle of the stem, fold it over like a hairpin, and wrap the wire with florist tape.

Not a floral for a Bride on a budget however if flowers are where you want to pt your wedding dollar, Gardenias are a must-see.  <3