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What kind of woman gives up all control over her look, style and budget for a day of formal photographs? Bridesmaids do.
Joy is the expected, and typical, response to being asked to be in a cherished friend or family member’s wedding. This joy however is inevitably followed by the anxiety of the dress. Regardless of our size, shape, height and personal styles, we all know our own self-perceived flaws and how to work around or downplay them while dressing ourselves.
Weddings negate this rule since the look from head to toe is chosen by the Bride. Toss in the investment (which hovers around $1000 these days for destination weddings) along with wanting to be supportive of the Bride and the perfect storm begins to swirl.

So all of you Bridesmaids-to-be….this is your opportunity to share (anonymously) your top 3 tips for a Bride when selecting the dresses you will wear.
What would you have the Bride consider? Would you want veto power? Would you want all matching or not at all matching? Should personal style come through or should it be all about the Bride? If you could give her your top 3 “NO-please don’ts” or your top 3 “LOVE-please do’s” it’s time to share!

Email me your tips (via and I’ll Blog my favorites.